Friday, December 9, 2011

What a Difference a Year Makes

...or was it two years?

Renovations....many of you know about those. This has been a lot of work, and there is still much to do. For now I am in my new studio in Northern Ontario; warm and happily making new jewels.
This renovation has been a wonderful collaboration with a talented carpenter. Many trips to the Habitat for Humanity Restore, lots of funny sketches and distracted looks that are likely to receive the comment...."she's thinking again".

A visit from a far away friend reinforced my love of the old concrete floor which almost got a solid coat of paint!
The building was long ago a print shop and has paint and ink pigment ground into the studio floor. It now has a clear coat of sealer on it.
"People in New York pay thousands for a floor that looks like it has history ,this one already does." Thanks Maury.

Still much to do.

I will keep you back to the jeweller's bench.

Enjoy the Season,


be mindful in all that you undertake

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