Friday, December 10, 2010

Pearls With a Twist

For the past few weeks I have been hand knotting pearls on coloured silk. Some years ago I was taught proper knotting techniques by Myra Waller who owned Waller Antiques in Victoria. I had something in mind but couldn't quite visualize what I wanted to do. I have always loved a traditional strand of pearls and thought ....why not knot the pearls using a contrasting colour of silk?
So I have begun. Using a slightly heavier weight of silk, a subtle hint of colour shows between the pearls. White pearls on black, blue on green....only the beginning. Hand made clasp - a simple ribbon textured hook. One strand hooked into the next for a longer or double strand.
The new year will see time to design new clasps and a front closing pendant clasp.
I still love winding the Silk necklaces. Both pearls and silk fe
el so nice on the neck; especially in the winter. Warm.

grey pearls on grass green silk

natural multi-coloured pearls on steel silk with oxidized silver clasp

opera length Silk (shown doubled ) on dark silver silk

Off to the studio. More snow coming.

Enjoy your holidays.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Season

It seemed time to change the image at the top of my blog once again. Though I am here in Northern Ontario I still feel attached to the home that I left on Vancouver Island, and this is where most of my photos have been taken. Though I have returned to the town where I was born, I still feel rooted to my island home. Perhaps my camera can help me visualize my attachment to the place, as it has shown me my attachment to the people here.

amazing November sky

My new studio is coming along and I am very excited about moving in. A funny old building that used to be a print shop, which is fitting considering my love of paper and the printing process. It is not pretty yet...but it will be.

A few new designs have sprung from my hands this s
eason. Here they are. The ribbon spheres are looking for a holiday party....The sideways earrings a modern twist on classic shapes which swing into view with movement. The bracelets - both oval and round in curvy shapes with a bit of "stretch" in the overlap.

ribbon spheres with iolite

sideways - iolite and amethyst

sideways - textured overlap bangle

Off to the studio....brrrrr.

Wishing you all a warm holiday season.