Saturday, November 13, 2010

Taiji Brand Group

Taiji Brand Group has a new web site and has graciously featured my site under "Work". Thank you, and congratulations on a beautiful site.
Having the support of Caroll Taiji and the Taiji Brand Group has helped me immensely. The model photo shoot still a clear and fabulous memory. Working alone in the studio most days leaves me craving creative interaction, and I certainly had a full day of it with Caroll and Nik West the photographer.
I hope that the spring will see me working with them again to update the images on the site.

Please take a look at their web site at

Along with the web site Caroll designed my product cards and my new business cards. I love fine paper and what a treat it was working with Gord Wright at Hemlock Printing.

Hiring professionals whose work you admire is always worth it.

my new business cards

jewellery hang tags

Thank you!