Friday, December 9, 2011

What a Difference a Year Makes

...or was it two years?

Renovations....many of you know about those. This has been a lot of work, and there is still much to do. For now I am in my new studio in Northern Ontario; warm and happily making new jewels.
This renovation has been a wonderful collaboration with a talented carpenter. Many trips to the Habitat for Humanity Restore, lots of funny sketches and distracted looks that are likely to receive the comment...."she's thinking again".

A visit from a far away friend reinforced my love of the old concrete floor which almost got a solid coat of paint!
The building was long ago a print shop and has paint and ink pigment ground into the studio floor. It now has a clear coat of sealer on it.
"People in New York pay thousands for a floor that looks like it has history ,this one already does." Thanks Maury.

Still much to do.

I will keep you back to the jeweller's bench.

Enjoy the Season,


be mindful in all that you undertake

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Men Buying Jewellery

Bracelet - sterling silver, tension clasp

Recently I was asked ; Who buys jewellery? This question was put to me by a man, one who I felt would buy jewellery for the special person in his life. Without hesitation my answer was women - for themselves. Then I added that men were often sent to buy pieces that their wives or sweethearts had seen and liked.
He expressed concern that buying this way would result in the gift not being a surprise. My response was that receiving jewellery that you love is more important than the gift being a surprise, knowing from experience that most jewellery languishes in a box and is never worn. The surprise could be the timing of the gift or the manner of presentation.

Earrings in a Christmas stocking along with an assortment of favourite candies.

A strand of pearls wrapped carefully in a box with a beautiful silk scarf. The colour of their eyes or the colour that they wears often...or you can ask what their favourite colour is.

Rings and bracelets - more difficult to give as they must fit....too small is never a good fit. A trip to your favourite jewellery shop is the best way to get this one right. Dinner after would be fun too.

Asking your sweetheart to point out a few pieces of jewellery will lead to anticipation on their part, and will keep an element of surprise to your gift giving.

To those out there buying handmade jewellery, thank you.

Happy Holidays


Meadow Rue Pendant - silver, on hand wound adjustable length silk cord

Silk - single strand freshwater pearls on hand wound silk -adjustable length

Jasmine earrings -silver, aquamarine - locking hook

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mixed Up Pearls

perfectly bridal - sterling silver swan clasp ( periwinkle silk )

Does a strand of pearls all have to be the same?

For some time I have thought not, but didn't know quite how to approach the idea. This past week I pulled out all the pearl strands and all the colours of knotting silk and went for it.
Composing, editing, making clasps, knotting. Random is not so easy for me.

A classic strand of pearls is a beautiful thing, this is something different.

Freshwater pearls have changed how we think of pearls. Their cost not as great as Japanese Akoya or South Sea. So why not mix it up a bit and have some fun.

all mixed up 18 " - sterling silver swan clasp ( rust silk )

all mixed up II 16" - sterling silver swan clasp ( silver silk )

These are only the beginning. I think that it is finally spring.

Have fun planting flowers.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Shape of Spring

The double love Hydrangea pendant found itself sitting in the wooden dapping block made for me by Robert. A soft piece of kid leather from an old button glove laid over and under to protect the delicate imprints from the hammer. A few gentle blows and it was done.
Should the Clover take on a new shape too?

Waiting for small leaves and spring.

Warm greetings to all.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Double Love

I did get a few hearts made in time for Valentine's Day, but more importantly I have been reminded what a lovely and flattering shape this is to wear.

The new Flora "Double Love" pendants - inspired by Chinese coins and the Chinese New Year - are leaf printed on both sides, making them reversible.
A small square window allows the handmade silk cord to pass through easily, and to be changed. I am loving using the brighter colours of silk for these. Pearls, no pearls, then back to my classic steel ( which seems to be my favourite colour still ).

Some have images that relate to each other like "Forest" ( not shown ) - two plants from a beautiful hike near Courtenay BC.

Showing the reverse side of the pieces above.

Wild Rose - new and mature leaves - sold
Meadow Rue - small and large leaves

Hydrangea - two blossoms from a common stem - sold

More to come, as well as new shapes. I am still working on those.....
I will keep you posted!