Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Double Love

I did get a few hearts made in time for Valentine's Day, but more importantly I have been reminded what a lovely and flattering shape this is to wear.

The new Flora "Double Love" pendants - inspired by Chinese coins and the Chinese New Year - are leaf printed on both sides, making them reversible.
A small square window allows the handmade silk cord to pass through easily, and to be changed. I am loving using the brighter colours of silk for these. Pearls, no pearls, then back to my classic steel ( which seems to be my favourite colour still ).

Some have images that relate to each other like "Forest" ( not shown ) - two plants from a beautiful hike near Courtenay BC.

Showing the reverse side of the pieces above.

Wild Rose - new and mature leaves - sold
Meadow Rue - small and large leaves

Hydrangea - two blossoms from a common stem - sold

More to come, as well as new shapes. I am still working on those.....
I will keep you posted!