Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mixed Up Pearls

perfectly bridal - sterling silver swan clasp ( periwinkle silk )

Does a strand of pearls all have to be the same?

For some time I have thought not, but didn't know quite how to approach the idea. This past week I pulled out all the pearl strands and all the colours of knotting silk and went for it.
Composing, editing, making clasps, knotting. Random is not so easy for me.

A classic strand of pearls is a beautiful thing, this is something different.

Freshwater pearls have changed how we think of pearls. Their cost not as great as Japanese Akoya or South Sea. So why not mix it up a bit and have some fun.

all mixed up 18 " - sterling silver swan clasp ( rust silk )

all mixed up II 16" - sterling silver swan clasp ( silver silk )

These are only the beginning. I think that it is finally spring.

Have fun planting flowers.