Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Music, The Road, Rings

Larry Coryell

south of Little Bighorn Montana

Having just returned from a road trip filled with music and road food I am happily back in my studio and rings seem to be on my mind.
The drive north from Telluride Colorado was spectacular and had me musing on the need for our brains to take in new vistas and to hear new things. I have a few new heroes musically - hearing Hiromi playing with the Stanley Clarke Band, and seeing Larry Coryell were both highlights for me.
So many miles and so much to take in. I am once again charged with peoples creativity and nature's magnificence.
I wonder where this will take me?


ribbon the inch

jasmine ring - for sale at Mysteria Gallery,Regina Saskatchewan

licorice fern ring with 24k -for sale at Mysteria Gallery, Regina Saskatchewan