Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hand Woven Bracelets and Writing

 So I begin again. Writing that is. Easily left for another day, years go by quickly it seems.
The weaving continues, and sewing with the finest of needles the silk cuff begins and ends. A hand fabricated sterling silver 'safety pin' clasp completes the circle. The finishing time equal to the weaving and the metal work combined. The silk threads the same value as the silver. Balance.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Weaving Away

  Years ago I tried to incorporate weaving into my jewellery. I shared the shop in Cowichan Bay with friend and fabulous weaver Jane Stafford who set me up with an inkle loom and taught me how to use it. I enjoyed the weaving but found it too fine and too intense after a full day of jewellery making and shop keeping. Last winter it was brutally cold here in Thunder Bay and I was looking for something to do inside so decided to try inkle weaving again. Many ribbons later here is what I am doing.

Arbutus and dark teal handwoven silk ribbon with sterling silver adjustable clasp - hessonite garnet and freshwater pearls ends.

 Magenta, black and navy handwoven silk ribbon with sterling silver adjustable clasp and ends.

 Handwoven silk ribbon and pearl necklace - hand knotted freshwater pearls and lemon quartz.

 Handwoven silk ribbon with freshwater pearls and tourmalated quartz beads - hand knotted.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year - Is it really 2014?

I like to write, but with jewellery I mostly just make it then see what happens. If I am happy with what I have made, then I send it out and see how it is received by customers - old and new - then I decide what to do next. The next is usually refining and defining a new line that will reflect past work yet excite me and others enough to keep me at it. Otherwise the choice is to go get another job; which I have done in the past and have enjoyed because there is a world out there after all, and it is filled with brilliant creative people and I want to know them and to see what they are doing and making.

So. This year I will write and share with you; stories that I have written or things that I have seen that inspire me. Things outside of my jewellery world that I want you to know about like my friend Eleanor Albanese's short film that I worked on and which has been a wonderful experience here in Northern Ontario. Oh and there will likely be jewellery to go along with this film titled - "Under The Pearl Moon" - how could I not ask Eleanor to let me return to my past where I worked as a set dresser in Vancouver - for that title. 
 What I saw through the lens of cinematographer Dave Clement, through the words and vision of Eleanor, through the performances of the actors, and through the dedication of the many who worked on and who believe in this film...well it will be a beautiful film. Since the filming we have lost one of the main actors and Eleanor's dear friend Jennifer Garrett. I knew her briefly and she was an artistic force that at first overwhelmed me then invited me into a brief but lovely friendship. She will be missed by many.

My next post will include images from the filming and from the sound track recording with original music composed by Lise Vaugeois and performed by the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra. Lucky me was there taking photos.

Jewellery...right. I have some new stuff and I am happy. I have not stopped squishing plants but am also  making 3D flowers. Textured with silk taffeta and hand formed into flowers and leaves. I am having fun and it may show.

Full Bloom - Ribbon Rose Pendant - sterling silver, pearl, lemon quartz  (4inches long)
 Full Bloom Earrings - sterling silver, sapphire, pearl

  Fleur de Lys Earrings - pure and sterling silver, peridot, pearl
Ribbon Rose Earrings - sterling silver, tourmaline slices

Wild Flower Earrings - pure and sterling silver, green tourmaline, iolite, seed pearls, amethyst

My best to all. You inspire me.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Begin Again!


Well it has been a year since my last did that happen! In the new building and still renovating the living space and studio. Reminded of the wonderful photo shoot for the web site - cannot wait to do that again. It was spring then and now a hint of spring here with dreams of the lake opening up and the trees budding.
A new camera and new computer and two new soon!

Look for flowers - check out Pinterest!

 Bamboo - faceted citrine - silk

    Emily - farm photo shoot - Nik West Photography
                                                                Lake Superior

Monday, April 2, 2012


Just spent a week walking around Toronto. So much to see and do. Culture, fashion, architecture. Getting back to my jeweller's bench with images and ideas to translate into gold and silver.
Back on the shore of Lake Superior a rock that I had to see again, and luckily found before the snow covered it once more. A perfect heart of black stone set in granite.

Facade on Yonge Street - reflection of a tree in bud

Heart rock on Lake Superior

Enjoy spring!


Friday, December 9, 2011

What a Difference a Year Makes

...or was it two years?

Renovations....many of you know about those. This has been a lot of work, and there is still much to do. For now I am in my new studio in Northern Ontario; warm and happily making new jewels.
This renovation has been a wonderful collaboration with a talented carpenter. Many trips to the Habitat for Humanity Restore, lots of funny sketches and distracted looks that are likely to receive the comment...."she's thinking again".

A visit from a far away friend reinforced my love of the old concrete floor which almost got a solid coat of paint!
The building was long ago a print shop and has paint and ink pigment ground into the studio floor. It now has a clear coat of sealer on it.
"People in New York pay thousands for a floor that looks like it has history ,this one already does." Thanks Maury.

Still much to do.

I will keep you back to the jeweller's bench.

Enjoy the Season,


be mindful in all that you undertake